IoT and Smart City during my visit in Taiwan 29 March 2017


We are having good time during my visit on Taipei, 28 March - 1 April 2017. I meet a lot of companies, presented their solutions to Indonesia. Most of them are IoT and Smart City related.

28 March 2017, this is my first trip to Taiwan. And I saw a lot new thing which related to IoT and Smart City. When we entered the city, we use high way, and I see a lot gates like this. And the good thing is, I don't see any payment gates likes used to be. They changed the way they do the payment.

In this gates, they are using laser to trigger the camera. The cars move under this gate and capture their license plate. They also capture the RFID ID. The RFID ID was passive RFID installed on the car's head lamp or mirror.

Then, we visited FETC, the company that run these facilites for Taiwan Gov. The people buy their payment using banks and their virtual account. Every time their car move in to highway, they will be capture. And they use different calculation, like we are trying to do in ERP. I think their approach is better, because they can measure exactly number of amount to deduct when the car move in the highway. If they cannot capture the RFID's car, and neither the capture license number, they have 3 places that consist of agent to review the capture images and check the correct by agent's eyes.

We visited their place like these, they have 30 agent to see the capture license images directly.

The chairman explaining the FETC in detail. And I think this is very good, but not easy to implement in Indonesia. We have another challenge, mind set and culture. ;)

We are visited ITRI's office at Taipei to meet some companies presented their IoT and Smart City solutions. Some of them related to IoT, Smart Health and Smart Learning.

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