These 10 cities are the most prepared for the future

1. Copenhagen, Denmark boasts a healthy startup ecosystem, a large number of Wifi hotspots, and a relatively low amount of traffic congestion. The city is also investing in clean energy, with a goal of being 100% carbon-neutral by 2025.

2. Singapore features one of the most cost-efficient public transport networks in the world, according to a 2014 Siemens study.

3. In Stockholm, Sweden, a large portion of city buses and trains run on clean fuels. Renewable power sources account for 52% of Swedish energy production.

4. Zurich, Switzerland has an urban plan that includes a high percentage of green space.

5. The metro area around Boston, Massachusetts has several colleges, including MIT and Harvard, that lead the 2018 World University Rankings.

6. The rail system in Tokyo, Japan handles over 100 train lines and 14 billion passengers per year.

7. Unsurprisingly, San Francisco, California also has a high number of startups.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands has well-established startup communities, along with successful incubator programs like StartupDelta and StartupAmsterdam.

9. Geneva, Switzerland has prioritized energy-efficient infrastructure in its buildings and public transit. By 2020, the city plans to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions 21% below 2005 levels.

10. Melbourne, Australia received a perfect score on its 4G connectivity.


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