PREDIKSI2020 : CEOs and leaders will need to adapt to the new age of disruption

CEOs and leaders will need to adapt to the new age of disruption—and quickly. To become a 21st-century company, they must ask themselves ten crucial questions:

1. What is our mission and purpose as a company?

2. How far do we go beyond shareholder capitalism? How are we accountable to different stakeholders?

3. Who benefits in our economic success? How?

4. What is the time horizon for managing our economic success
and impact?

5. What is our responsibility to our workforce, especially given futureof-work implications?

6. How do we leverage data and technology responsibly and ethically?

7. What are our aspirations for inclusion and diversity?

8. What is our responsibility for societal and sustainability issues involving our business, and beyond our business?

9. What are our responsibilities regarding participants in our platforms, ecosystems, supply and value chains and their impact on society?

10. How should we address the global and local (including national) imperatives and implications of how we compete, contribute and operate?

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

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