Akses Komputer User Anda dengan RemotePC Helpdesk

Mungkin sebagian besar dari kita kenal dengan LogMeIn atau TeamViewer untuk mengakses komputer atau server kita dari luar. Saat ini ada produk lain, yaitu REMOTEPC HELPDESK yang bisa digunakan untuk memberikan dukungan support kepada USER.

Produk ini sangat berguna untuk bisa melakukan akses remote komputer atau server terkait helpdesk.

RemotePC HelpDesk equips organizations with uninterrupted remote support to address queries of the customers. With HelpDesk, you can enable your technicians to remotely connect to customers' PCs / Macs; thereby offering real-time support.
HelpDesk can be set up easily, offers a simple user interface and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Adapun produk ini memiliki fitur :

Remote Support

On-demand attended remote support solution for your customers. Connect to their PC or Mac via the web over a secure session.

Easy Setup

Customer can download the application by using the shared link or by entering the 9-digit code on https://help.remotepc.com, and start the remote access session.

Multi-session Handling

Each technician can attend to multiple support requests, assigned to them, simultaneously.

Secure Remote Support

All support sessions initiated use TLS v 1.2 / AES - 256 bit encryption. Customers can disconnect the ongoing session at anytime.

Video/Text Chathelpdesk_new

Engage with customers by interacting with them, using video or text-based chat.

Remote Access Features

Use remote access features like file transfer, multi monitor support and whiteboard.

Quick and effective assistance

On-demand Support

Technicians can access the end users PC / Mac and work on multiple service requests.

Centralized Web Console

View real-time status of your service requests from the Service Queue tab.

Technician Management

Add / organize technicians, assign roles, track web activities of your account and more.

Remote access features

  • File Transfer
  • Chat
  • Drag and drop
  • Multi monitor support
  • Remote sound
  • Whiteboard
  • Record remote sessions
  • View logs

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