IoT Applications embedded High Level Cybersecurity

 IoT Applications embedded High Level Cybersecurity

Taiwan has achieved fruitful results in protecting networkable video surveillance devices and systems against hacking. Almost 40+ models have passed the strict lab-testing and proven in compliance to the nation’s #IoT​ #Cyber​ #Security​ Standards with official Lab Reports and Certificates. 

On January 29 2021, five leading brands of lab-certified cyber-secured IP cameras will showcase their reliable products and solutions in IoT applications as follows:

🔹Delta Electronics::DeltaGrid Lighting Solutions

🔹Merit Lilin Ent.:Implementing Cybersecurity for IoT Products

🔹Huper Laboratories: 3D Video Analytics Camera with High Level Cybersecurity

🔹Vital Resources:Make HD AI Surveillance Practical within Cybersecurity

🔹Fuho Technology:Intelligence Mobile Surveillance Systems

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