Iron Ox begins construction of robotic growing facility in Texas

Robotics and artificial intelligence-enabled farming company, Iron Ox, has broken ground on a 535,000-square-foot indoor hydroponic farm in Texas, US.

The facility will be located in Lockhart and is expected to cost more than $10 million to develop.

Once operational, the farm will significantly increase Iron Ox’s growing capacity for fresh, healthy herbs, leafy greens, berries and vine crops.

Iron Ox already operates two hydroponic farms in California, where the company is based. The planned Texas facility will use growing techniques that harness the power of robotics and intelligence, enabling the firm to grow sustainable produce for the local community.

The fruits and vegetables produced at the Lockhart hydroponic farm will be tended by Iron Ox’s growers, with a robotic growing process ensuring quality, flavour and year-round consistency.

Iron Ox aims to provide communities with a stable supply of fresh, locally grown food, using sustainable and scalable production methods.

Designed around the sun, Iron Ox claims that its hydroponic growing system uses 90% less water than traditional farming, while producing 30 times the amount of crops per acre of land.

“We have made it our mission to address food security by developing autonomous greenhouses that grow a variety of local and consistently delicious food for everyone,” said Iron Ox CEO and co-founder, Brandon Alexander.

“We’re excited to begin development of our newest indoor farm here in Lockhart—our first out-of-state facility. We look forward to further developing ties to the local community and expanding our partnerships and distribution channels throughout the state of Texas.”

Lockhart Mayor, Lew White, added: “The addition of Iron Ox to the Lockhart business community represents synergy between our city’s storied history in agriculture and our growing technology sector.”

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