Even after its advancements, AI still needs human intervention for operations

In the modern tight labour market and hybrid work environment, organisations are increasingly turning towards AI to improve efficiency and productivity. Artificial intelligence has personalised customer experiences through the vast amounts of data generated through the various machine learning and data science tools. Overall, it has not only impacted our professional lives and has also deeply affected our personal lives. But even after such advancements in technology, AI still needs human intervention. Researchers and scientists are innovating new ways to automate activities in our daily lives, but AI still needs human intervention at its helm to perform efficiently.

Advanced technologies like self-driving cars, drones, flying robots, and such call for driverless operations. But enterprise AI needs third-party intervention to accurately perform and depend on humans for further instruction on operations.

So, why does AI still need human intervention?

Firstly, the idea that AI will make most of the workforce employed has got several researchers and scientists to develop such machines that will be handled by humans too. Automating processes will make operations error-free but it will make the human workforce obsolete. Besides, there are not enough experiments on human-robot collaboration models that will produce accurate results with the same efficiency to satisfy customers.

AI is best applied when it is both monitored and augmented by people. When that happens, people move up the skill continuum, take on more complex challenges while the AI continues to learn, improve, and keep in check the potentially harmful effects of AI. Using advanced models like conversational AI and cognitive AI in collaboration with real people who possess the expertise, ingenuity, and empathy, leads to more positive outcomes from the intelligent systems.

Source : https://www.analyticsinsight.net/why-does-artificial-intelligence-still-need-human-intervention/

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