Indonesia Cloud & Data Center Convention 2022

 Indonesia adalah negara yang memiliki posisi menguntungkan karena gerak permintaan penawaran yang cukup kuat. Dengan populasi yang sangat besar, Indonesia diperkirakan menjadi pasar dengan pertumbuhan tercepat untuk pusat data di Asia Tenggara, dengan tingkat penambahan sebesar 22 persen per tahun selama lima tahun ke depan. Selain itu, Indonesia juga menempati peringkat pertama untuk tingkat penetrasi e-commerce seluler terbesar.

Tersedianya banyak faktor yang mendukung juga pandemi yang tampaknya menjadi motivasi bagi bisnis untuk bermigrasi secara online – Bagaimana industri akan memanfaatkan peluang ini? Apakah dampak selanjutnya dari hiper 5G akan mempercepat permintaan? Tantangan apa yang muncul ketika digital berkembang? Bergabunglah bersama kami di Indonesia Cloud & Data Center Convention 2022 untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut!

Our Conference Agenda:

Time (GMT+7) Seminar Hall : Datacenter & Cloud
08:00 Registration and Breakfast Networking in Expo Hall
08:55 Welcome Address
Samuel Narby, Business Manager, W.Media

Hall Chairman:
Aaron Rasmussen, Independent Consultant

09:00 Hub-to-Edge Expansion: A New Data Centre Strategy For Indonesia

Southeast Asia is projected to be the fastest-growing region in the world of data centers. Indonesia and Thailand are identified as rapidly developing, rising stars that are expected to expand their share of the region’s data center pie. Both countries offer ease of access and lower cost of entry than Singapore. This presentation will give deeper insights on the current DC developments in Southeast Asian countries and what future there is for Singapore.

Wong Ka Vin, Chief Executive Officer, Data Center First
09:20 Keynote: Sustainability & Monetization in your Data Centre: Can you have both?

This keynote session is going to dive deeper into understanding and managing the balance of renewable energy drivers and design and ways to have your fixed assets generating revenue.
09:40 Industry Panel: Debate: Indonesia Internet Exchange Outage – what should the industry learn and do?

This panel will discuss:
1. Server architecture and safety precautions
2. Redundancy and resiliency
3. Data center management best practices

10:10 Keynote: Transforming Data Centers through infrastructure-as-a-Service

– Are there too many data centers in Jakarta?
– Where are other suitable locations for data centers in Indonesia
– Analysis on Supply and Demand in the next 5 years
10:30 Coffee Break at Expo Hall
10:35 Solutions & Case Study Presentation (Tech Bench in Expo)

Budi Wibowo, Data Centre Sales Manager – Direct Business, PT Rolls Royce Solution Indonesia Rolls Royce
10:45 Leveraging AI in DC Management & Security (Tech Bench in Expo)

Carrie Li, Account Manager, Yi-Ke Innovations
10:55 Solutions & Case Study Presentation (Tech Bench in Expo)

Ian Waldock, Director (Data Centers), GF Piping
11:10 Renewables and Sustainability in Indonesia Data Centers
11:30 Key considerations for selecting a power generator

Yuki-Ida, Director of Sales and Marketing, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
11:50 Industry Panel: DC Developments in Indonesia – Addressing Capacity and Sustainability Demand

Hendra Suryakusuma, Chief Executive Officer, IDPRO
Yudi Sutrisno, Indonesia Country Manager, Yondr
Chrystiadi Harris, Head of Engineering, Tokopedia
Jeffrey Allan, Director, AWP Architects

Fanky Christian, Director, Daya Mandiri Cipta Solutions
12:20 Keynote: Engineer Energy-Efficient Data Center Automation and Best Practices

Indra Setyadi,Consultative and Digital Services, Schneider Electric
12:40 Lunch at Expo Hall
13:00 Solutions & Case Study Presentation (Tech Bench in Expo)

Representative, Legrand
13:10 Solutions & Case Study Presentation (Tech Bench in Expo)
13:20 Innovating Energy Technology (Tech Bench in Expo)

Riko Setiawan, General Manager, Fuji Electric
13:30 Solutions & Case Study Presentation (Tech Bench in Expo)

Representative, Corning
14:00 Keynote: Key considerations when choosing the right data center co-location provider in Indonesia
14:20 Keynote: Cloud Automation – the next-gen IT Management best practices
14:40 Industry Panel: E-Commerce sector’s infrastructure technology and demands

Puja Pramudya, Head of Engineering, E-Fishery
Gunawan Santoso, Head of IT, Northstar Group
Indra Hartawan, Director, PT Exabytes Network Indonesia
Anthony Jauw Waludin, Head of Sales, Edge DC

Sabarinathan Sampath, Director, Wire19
15:10 Keynote: Keynote: Edge Driven Infrastructure and Interconnectivity

Representative, Biznet
15:30 Industry Panel: Data Center Development and Innovation to Drive Sustainable Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation journey that businesses across the region were already undergoing. Enterprises enhance their interconnection capacity in order to compete in an increasingly digital economy; businesses find innovative ways to interconnect with their customers and partners to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly remote and dispersed environment. Find out from our panel of experts on how they cope with the increasing network demands and future-proof their connectivity strategies.

Taufikurrahman, Executive Vice President, PT Kereta Api Indonesia
Wisnoe Pribadi, Director, IDPRO / One Channel Enterprise
Chris Street, Director, JLL
Adam Darmanto, Vice President of Finance & Business Operations, IDCloud Host

Erick Hadi, Chief Executive Officer, PT Electronic Science Indonesia
16:00 Networking Drinks at Expo Hall

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