GitHub Sponsors available in 30 new regions, including Indonesia

 GitHub Sponsors expands globally with 30 newly supported regions, bringing the total to 68

Selamat Datang di Indonesia

Three years ago, we launched GitHub Sponsors so that open source developers and organizations could receive financial support for the important work they do every day. Over these three years, we’ve been working hard to help connect our open source creators with potential financial sponsors in as many markets as possible. Today, we are very excited to announce that GitHub Sponsors is now available in 30 more regions around the world bringing us to a total of 68! 

We now officially support maintainers joining GitHub Sponsors from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Gambia, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Kenya, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay. 

No more waitlist (hello to the 6,400 people that were on the waitlist to join)! Anyone in these regions can sign up right away if you have a bank account in one of the aforementioned countries! 

These 30 new regions are filled with thriving communities of open source creators and we are excited to further support the incredible developer growth that we see. In fact, the number of combined developers on GitHub in the newly launched 30  countries has grown by 39% in the last year!

Now that GitHub Sponsors is available for more countries around the world,  developers can create GitHub Sponsors profiles and start receiving financial support for their work. Also, whether you’re just joining Sponsors now, or are eager to enhance your profile, I recommend checking out this blog from @blackgirlbytes to learn more about how to create a great GitHub Sponsors profile. 

Discovering maintainers you can sponsor 

We’ve also improved the user experience to make finding and supporting your dependencies even easier. The GitHub Sponsors Explore tool shows you the projects and maintainers you depend on and can sponsor—whether it’s through GitHub Sponsors or another platform they’re using. 


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