IKN Nusantara, Brasília collaborate for knowledge exchange


Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Authority of the New Capital City (OIKN) partners with the City of Brasília, Brazil, for knowledge exchange and cooperation between new capital cities.

"As the new capital of Brazil, Brasília has experience in responding to various challenges in creating a new center of economic and political growth in the country. We can learn from them," OIKN head, Bambang Susantono, noted in a statement from his office on Friday.

The OIKN signed a cooperation agreement with the Government of the Federal District of the City of Brasília, Brazil, for knowledge exchange and cooperation between the new capital cities on April 17.

The inking of this collaboration agreement was carried out by Susantono, representing OIKN, with Brasília Governor Ibaneis Rocha, in Brasília, and witnessed by Indonesian Ambassador to Brazil, Edi Yusup and Secretary General of International Relations for the City of Brasília, Paco Britto.

The meeting also resulted in an agreement for closer and more concrete cooperation between the two cities. During the meeting, Governor Rocha shared his experience in developing Brasília City.

"Apart from city development, Governor Rocha and I also agreed to work together in terms of developing smart cities and greening initiatives, infrastructure development, building resilient and inclusive communities as well as climate mitigation, adaptation efforts, and community planning in urban development," Susantono remarked.

In addition to signing the agreement, the OIKN delegation visited Brasília to review the history of the transfer and planning of Brasília City and also to learn about challenges in managing the development of this city, including the development of settlements and urban transportation.

This visit coincided with the 64th anniversary of Brazil moving its capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília in April 1960.

Susantono noted that Brasília's development journey over six decades has produced a plethora of useful knowledge and can be a valuable lesson for IKN development. This collaboration is also in line with the increasing bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Republic of Brazil, which is hosting the G20 this year.

The collaboration with Brasília is the fifth knowledge exchange collaboration at the city level carried out by OIKN.

Earlier, the authority had established official cooperation with Astana (Kazakhstan), Canberra (Australia), Singapore, and Shenzhen (China) to carry out the exchange of knowledge in building new cities with green, smart, resilient, inclusive, and sustainable systems.

Indonesia's new capital, IKN Nusantara, aims to become a smart, green, inclusive, and sustainable city, with a target of zero emissions by 2045. The IKN will have 25 percent of the built-up area and 65 percent of tropical forests, as well as 10 percent of agricultural land from the total existing area.

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