IESR Urges G20 Countries to Prioritize Solar Energy to Achieving Net Zero Emission

JAKARTA - The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) urges G20 countries to prioritize solar energy to achieve the ambitious goal of net zero emission (NZE) while accelerating the renewable energy mix.

IESR Executive Director Fabby Tumiwa in a webinar entitled "Shine Bright: Advancing G20 Solar Leadership" in Jakarta, Thursday 27 October, revealed that the G20 has a big responsibility to suppress global warming because the G20 contributes up to 80 percent of CO2 emissions from energy use.

"I urge the G20 to set ambitious goals of net zero emission and accelerate the spread of renewable energy and to do so we must prioritize solar energy even though we have other resources as well", he said, quoted by Antara.

Fabby revealed at least three reasons why solar energy needs to be a priority. First, solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity in many countries and one of the fastest to use.

"Solar energy is also very suitable to meet short and medium-term targets", he said.

The second reason is the application of solar energy which does not require a technological breakthrough. Plus there is an increase in solar PV efficiency of up to 25 percent on the market today.

"The third reason, is solar PV is easy to install and faster, it is also suitable in various locations and conditions", he said.

Fabby said that currently solar power plant developers only need a network connection and a permit to sell electricity.

He also said the revolution in solar power development would bring new investment in manufacturing and installation and be able to create jobs.

Therefore, the development of G20 cooperation in solar manufacturing in terms of technological cooperation and investment will secure the production of solar panels, balance the system to meet future demand, and reduce product monopoly.

"If the G20 countries adopt the right incentives and policies, the spread of renewable energy, in this case, solar power, will be abundant", added Fabby.

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