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    Trenggalek Smart Regency - Technology For Public And Private Productivity By Emil Dardak

    Indonesia has set 35 Strategic Devt. Regions (Wilayah Pengembangan Strategis) incl. Yogya-Prigi-Blitar-Malang maritime corridor

    Trenggalek is strategically positioned at the center of the corridor & will be supported by national grade transport infrastructure (national route roads & E. Java south coast’s major seaport)

    Technology for Public and Private Productivity
    Trenggalek Smart Regency

    Fungsi Dasar Pemerintah Kabupaten & Karakteristik Kepemimpinan
    Fungsi Dasar Pemerintah Kabupaten & Karakteristik Kepemimpinan

    ICT Infrastructure Sector
    • Peningkatan Kapasitas Bandwith Jaringan Data
    • Pembangunan infrastruktur Jaringan Internet Masuk Desa
    • Perluasan jaringan data yang menghubungkan desa – kecamatan - kabupaten

    Kelompok informasi masyarakat
    • KIM (Kelompok Informasi Masyarakat) will be formed by the Government through its ICT Office to maximize the support for ICT Awareness
    • Quick and precise information access is key in creating transparent and participative governance
    • Volunteers of KIM will publish information/policy from the government to the people through multiple channels and feedback to government on the actual society conditions

    Trenggalek cyber city framework

    sumber: http://edukastudio.blogspot.com/2016/05/trenggalek-smart-regency-technology-for.html

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